Actor-led reading of ‘The Message,” a Play by Keith Burridge

To honor the retirement of Keith Burridge, PhD, playwright and professor of cell biology and physiology, the department will host a reading of his new play.

Actor-led reading of ‘The Message,” a Play by Keith Burridge click to enlarge Keith Burridge, PhD

The Department of Cell Biology and Physiology is hosting a reading of "The Message", a play by Keith Burridge, PhD, about the discovery of messenger RNA. The reading will take place Friday, June 14 in 1131 BioInformatics and will include actors from PlayMakers – Ray Dooley, David Adamson, and Dede Corvinus, who is directing the play and for many years was the director of the office of Research at the UNC School of Medicine.

Burridge, a member of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been writing plays for many years. Read more about his part-time playwriting, and check out this Q&A about his scientific endeavors dating back to his listening to Francis Crick hold court in a break room outside a lab at the University of Cambridge.