Latest Grant Awards to SOM Faculty

View a list of competitive grants recently awarded to UNC School of Medicine faculty.

The following is a list of new grants awarded to SOM faculty with project start dates from 11/1/19 -11/15/19 (the awards listed have a total award amount greater than $100,000):


Project Title


Award Amount

Project Begin Date

Franco, Hector

Mining Transcriptional Enhancers to Identify Regulatory Addictions in Ovarian Cancer

V Foundation for Cancer Research



Gupta, Gaorav

Overcoming Immunotherapy Resistance with Radiotherapy and PARP Inhibition in Luminal Subtype Metastatic Breast Cancer

V Foundation for Cancer Research



Stringer, Jeff

Fetal Age and Machine Learning Initiative 2 (FAMLI2)

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



Lazarowski, Eduardo

Ecto-ATPase inhibitors restore airway mucus hydration in CF

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation



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