Oberlander Analyzes Democrats' Health Plans in New Article

Jonathan Oberlander, PhD, professor and chair of the social medicine department, published an article analyzing health care plans from Democratic presidential candidates.

Jonathan Oberlander, professor and chair of social medicine, and professor of health policy & management, published an article in The Milbank Quarterly analyzing the history of proposals for national health insurance and the current plans for Medicare for All and a public option that have emerged in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

The article, "Navigating the Shifting Terrain of US Health Care Reform--Medicare for All, Single Payer and the Public Option" argues that, "Because Medicare currently embodies different approaches to health insurance, it lends itself to competing conceptions of Medicare for All,"  and that, "while the appeal of Medicare for All rests largely on the presumed advantages of government-run insurance, the reality is that a significant portion of the current Medicare program is actually privatized."

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