UNC PMR ranks 7th nationally in NIH funding

The UNC Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is now ranked number 7 in the country for NIH funding.

“This is the first time we have been ranked within the top ten, and an improvement from last year in which we were ranked number 12,” said Michael Y. Lee, MD, MHA, department chair. “I especially want to thank the faculty who have contributed and have worked diligently to make this happen.”

The ranking is particularly noteworthy given UNC PM&R’s much smaller size in relation to PM&R programs also included in the top ten.

“I think this is an exciting time in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation research,” said Patricia Gregory, MD, who recently received NIH funding, in addition to other major funding from the Duke Endowment Fund for her statewide STAR Project, soon to go global in Brazil with its telemedicine component. “Under the leadership of Dr. Lee we have had the support to develop programs and secure grant funding that will ensure that UNC-CH will be a leader in PM&R research as well as providing excellence in teaching and clinical care.”

Vera Moura, MD, also is developing the department’s collaboration project and telemedicine initiative with the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. “I’m pleased to be involved with UNC PM&R at this historical moment,” she said.

Susan Gaylord, PhD, director of the Program on Integrative Medicine within UNC PMR, and co-director of the NIH Research Fellowship in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, added: “I am delighted to participate in our department's growing research program. In an era of health care reform, I am proud that our department is taking a leading role, both nationally and globally, in innovative, integrative research that will improve the quality of lives of all people.” Dr. Gaylord is principal investigator in two NIH clinical trials on behavioral approaches to treatment of chronic illnesses.

Jongbae Park, KMD, PhD, LAc, heads the department’s Asian Medicine and Acupuncture Research. As a relatively new faculty member, Dr. Park already has brought in additional research funding for acupuncture research and its clinical practice.

“I am proud to be part of these collective efforts,” Dr. Park said, “and will endeavor to advance the research activity of the department.”

Stay tuned to our Web site for news about the Brazil trip later in April. Meanwhile, see how going global is helping our patients right here in North Carolina.

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