Henry receives Community Policing Award

Quintel Henry was honored by the UNC Department of Public Safety.

On Friday, July 17, Mrs. Quintel Henry of the School of Medicine Planning Office received a commendation from the UNC Department of Public Safety. She was presented with the Community Policing Award for her key role in apprehending an intruder who had broken into the School of Dentistry and the Burnett-Womack Building.Quintel Henry

Quintel provided video footage of this person to UNC DPS from our security system and while walking a detective through the hospital to the Planning Office to view the video, she spotted the person and pointed him out to the detective. After being cornered by the detective, the intruder turned on him, only to find Quintel standing right behind the detective, on the phone to 911. Chief Jeff McCracken, Director of UNC Public Safety, indicated in his presentation that he is convinced that this man only surrendered when he saw that there were two people prepared to prevent his escape.

While presenting the commendation, Chief McCracken made a point of recognizing Quintel's commitment to removing this intruder from our buildings. She is a great example of the community cooperation that DPS and UNC Hospitals’ Police need to keep our campus and hospitals safe.


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