Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Risk Assessment & Prophylaxis Protocol to be released in CPOE on April 6

On April 6, a VTE risk assessment and prophylaxis protocol will be released that instructs providers to perform a standardized VTE risk assessment on each adult patient admitted to UNC Hospitals. This risk assessment will link to a menu of appropriate prophylaxis options within our CPOE system.

How it will work:

1.    Provider prompted on admission to complete the VTE order set on all Adult Inpatient Active cases.

2.    Prompt will be a “soft stop”. Can cancel order set and continue placing orders on the patient.

3.    Will be prompted with order set every time the Current/Write Orders pathway is accessed in CPOE until a VTE order has been placed.

4.     Will get a screen with selection criteria and will only see the orders pertaining to that selection criteria.
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