Workshop on Force Measurement and Manipulation in Biological Microscopy

The sixth annual Carolina Workshop on Force Measurement and Manipulation in Biological Microscopy, is scheduled for May 18-21 and registration will be free (a $775 value) for researchers with NIH funding.

Presented by Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation (CISMM), the workshop will demonstrate the theory and practical side of magnetic tweezers, AFM imaging and manipulation combined with fluorescence light microscopy, and microfluidics.

Dennis Discher, University of Pennsylvania, will present the keynote lecture, entitled "Cell Mechanics with AFM and other small tools." Senior investigators to beginning grad students have found this four day, hands-on introduction to the theory and practice of applying forces to biological specimens to be very useful. Attendees are invited to bring (or send ahead of time) their own cells or biological material of interest to probe during the workshop.

Space is limited! Please contact Cassandra Houston at (919) 962-4057 ( to register. To find out more about the workshop, please visit

To register, please visit

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