Surgery Services opens 5 West and new Neuroscience ICU

On May 6, the 8-bed Neurosurgery ICU is expanding to become the 16-bed Neuroscience ICU (NSICU). The unit is expanding on 2 Anderson and incorporating a new, dynamic interdisciplinary team. This is an exciting time for us as NSICU begins providing comprehensive Neuro-specialty care.

Additionally, 5 East is changing its name and location to 5 West on May 6. The new unit will provide care to a mix of surgery and medicine patients. The surgery population includes abdominal transplant patients (SRF) which encompasses liver/kidney/pancreas. The population will include patients that are end-stage liver patients and post-transplant patients, primarily liver, who are hospitalized related to their transplant. These patients will come primarily from MDB, MDU, & MDW medical services.

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