New version of WebCIS released Nov. 10

A new version of WebCIS was released Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 10 a.m.

This version contains the following enhancements:

1.  A new inpatient progress note called the “SOAP” note will be included in the create notes section and appear under inpatient progress notes in the report section. Per direction from the Chief of Staff and a chief resident group chaired by Professor Matt Ewend that designed this note, this note is the preferred note to enter daily progress notes. The note should be succinct and the user will find that the most recent vital signs, I&O's, meds, labs and radiology studies will automatically populate these notes. 

Please note that I&O's will NOT be available from ICU's or step down units. The radiology and lab procedures will default results from the last 24 hrs (with the ability to change the date range search) with the radiology list containing the date and name of procedure. A hyperlink from the radiology procedure name will show the full report with its own link to the image itself (during the creation of the note).  Any med, lab, or radiology procedure must be checked (in the checkbox to the L of the value) if desired to be included in the final report.  The user may still click a button that brings the subjective areas forward from the previous day’s progress note if desired.

This SOAP note will be available under “my forms” to create default language in some of the subjective fields of the note, similar to other “my form” notes. For example, an orthopaedic surgeon could create a my form SOAP note entitled "Hip replacement POD 1" and put in the expected usual hospital course that would occur on that day, etc. Any "my forms" note the user creates will be available as a drop down in the initial "create note" screen for SOAP notes.

The old “classic” inpatient progress note will still be available for use, but is not recommended unless the user can be succinct and make sure that any language carried forward from previous days’ notes are checked for accuracy to reflect what is occurring on the given day the “classic” note is written. It is recommended that a new SOAP note be started only with new admissions and to continue the old progress notes for the current inpatients, since there is no data propagation across those 2 notes.

2.  PROBLEM LIST--ENHANCED:  The problem list now contains a column to reflect whether a problem is "current,” i.e. active on admission, as well as boxes for priorities for problems.  Once the patient is admitted, the user should go the list and change a current existing problem to an active problem. These problems will automatically default the new SOAP progress note under the A&P section. On discharge, all "current" problems will revert back to an unchecked state. A problem may be listed under "current" problems even if it is present under “charge entered” problems.

As always please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Robert Berger for problems, questions, or suggestions.