Become a Medical Student Research Mentor!

Please read the following letter from Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, about the process.

Dear Colleagues,
Our medical students are now planning for next summers' activities.  A large proportion of students do research while at UNC, most between their first and second year of medical school.  This is a great experience for the students, who get close contact with a researcher and a chance to learn first-hand about the discovery process.  It is also a great experience for the faculty, who mentor a willing, motivated and intelligent junior colleague.  The extent and availability of student research is also one of the metrics on which the quality of our school is judged.
The Office of Medical Student Research has funds to support medical student research experiences.  Typically, students receive a stipend which supports their living expenses for an 8-12 week period during the summer.  In order to apply for these funds, students form a team with an investigator, and they jointly write a short proposal, which is then graded in a study section of UNC researchers.  Every year, more than 40 students (more than one-fourth of the class) are funded through this mechanism, and most students who apply are funded.
In order for our students to know that you wish to be considered as a mentor, you must fill out a brief on-line form at the Office of Medical Student Research website.  This form includes your contact information and a brief description of your research.  Students use this information to match their interests to research groups on campus.  Interested students contact potential mentors by e-mail to set up a meeting.
The link to this Web site is:
Please consider registering to be a research mentor.  Students consistently report that such experiences are amongst the most formative they have in their professional lives.

Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
Director, Office of Medical Student Research
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-7080
Phone: (919) 966-2513
Fax: (919) 843-2508

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