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New financial practices that go into effect April 20 include provisions for both uninsured patients and charity care program participants:

For uninsured patients
Uninsured patients will be asked to pay deposits for all clinic visits and diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and lab work, before they receive services. These deposits include:

  • A $100 deposit for any new visit
  • An $80 deposit on all return visits
  • A $20 deposit for lab, X-ray or other tests

Also, we hope patients identified as uninsured will provide us the necessary information so they can qualify for programs that will assist in paying for their health care.

For Charity Care Program participants
Charity Care Program participants have a new tiered scale of co-payments and will be asked to pay their co-payments at the time of service. Primary care visit co-pay will be $25 which is the same co-payment rate as Piedmont Health Services (PHS). Co-payments will also be required for specialty care ($35), emergency room ($50), ambulatory surgery ($75), diagnostic testing ($20), and inpatient admissions ($100). Our Charity Care Program provides patients with relief of most financial obligation to UNC Health Care if their income falls below 250 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

In addition, UNC Health Care is working with PHS and other federally sponsored community health centers across the state to find the best medical home for our patients. A medical home can provide care for patients while also helping to drive down the use of emergency rooms or hospital admissions for chronic or episodic care.

Please remember that financial counselors are available at the time of service if our patients have any questions regarding bills or our new practices. Charity Care participants may call our Charity Care Helpline at 1-866-704-5286.