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On March 1, a new law (NC S.L. 2011-349) passed by the North Carolina General Assembly will go into effect. The new law requires the presentation of a valid photo ID prior to dispensing of any new and refill Schedule II or certain Schedule III prescriptions.

The new law will affect patient’s picking up medications at any community/retail pharmacy including the UNC Ambulatory Pharmacy Care Network locations of Central Outpatient Pharmacy (N.C. Cancer Hospital) and ACC Pharmacy. This will also affect medical, nursing, and pharmacy staff who pick up medications for patients prior to discharge.

Medications that are affected:

  • All Schedule II medications
  • Schedule III combination products that contain schedule II components (hydrocodone and codeine combination products)

Information Required for Documentation:

  • Name of person picking up prescription
  • Type of photo identification
  • Photo identification number

Acceptable Forms of ID (must be unexpired):

  • Driver’s License (including out-of-state)
  • Special Identification card issued by the NC Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Military Identification
  • Passport (including foreign passports)

*Hospital ID badge is NOT an acceptable form of ID under this new law

Additional information can be found on the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy website: If you have any questions, please contact Scott Savage (Assistant Director, Pharmacy) via email ( Click here for a printable memo of this announcement.