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The UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic offers a full-range of services including laser treatment for varicose veins and open surgical intervention.

Robert Dixon, MD
Robert Dixon, MD

The UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic has added faculty physician specialists to treat varicose veins, spider veins, and other deep varicosities that might need surgical intervention.

Physicians and nurse practitioners from the Vascular Interventional Radiology division of the UNC School of Medicine have joined the UNC vascular surgeons in offering comprehensive vein treatment services at the UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic, conveniently located in Chapel Hill at Meadowmont Village’s UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care.

Charles Burke, MD, Chief and Program Director, Division of Interventional Radiology, says, “The UNC divisions of Vascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology have a long track-record of providing excellent care in treating all types of vascular disease. Our combined group of physicians has extensive experience in treating patients with all kinds of venous disease, ranging from patients with blood clots and varicose veins, to patients with more severe problems such as vascular malformations and venous-related ulcers.”

Robert Dixon, MD, Associate Professor of Vascular Interventional Radiology, adds, “The concept of a combined Vascular Surgery/Interventional Radiology team approach to cover a wide spectrum of venous disease is the strength of the program.”

Dr. Burke and Dr. Dixon are accepting new patients with immediate availability at the UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic at Meadowmont. Jaclyn Green, MS, RN, CCRN, ACNP, BC, is also accepting new patients with immediate availability.

The vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists at the UNC Vein Clinic work with each patient to identify the underlying cause of their vein complications. The physicians focus on treatments designed to improve limb function and relieve symptoms.

“Bringing our experience together allows us to form a comprehensive vein center that can treat patients with cosmetic concerns of spider veins to those with incapacitating venous disease,” explains Dr. Burke.

A Vein Clinic financial counselor is available to help patients understand insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. The Vein Clinic at Meadowmont also offers free parking.

The UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic offers full medical management of problems related to the venous system. They offer sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins at a competitive price. For patients receiving medical management for varicose veins or other symptomatic varicosities, such as compression therapy, the Vein Clinic can offer a discount on compression stockings, charging less than some medical supply retailers, and providing custom measurements to assure a proper fit.

For most patients requiring surgical intervention, no hospital visit is necessary. The majority of surgical procedures are performed in the outpatient Vein Clinic, including laser ablations to treat varicose veins.

William Marston, MD, Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery and Medical Director, Wound Healing Clinic, says, “The UNC Vein Clinic physicians have been treating varicose veins with laser ablation for over a decade, but in the UNC Hospitals operating rooms. We are now offering the therapy at Meadowmont, which is more convenient for patients who can be safely treated there and is a great option for patients who don’t wish to go to the hospital for care.”

Using the latest technology, the UNC Vein Clinic physicians and nurse practitioners perform laser ablations with only local anesthetic needed for pain.

“We are now providing a convenient patient-centered environment where vein patients with routine problems can receive outstanding care,” adds Dr. Marston.

The UNC Vein Clinic uses the VenaCure EVLT™ laser ablation system to treat varicose veins. Thermal energy shuts down incompetent veins, allowing the body to automatically route blood to other healthy veins. The patient experiences little to no discomfort during the 45 minute procedure and is able to walk immediately. Laser ablation is fast, safe, minimally invasive, and is more than 95% effective for the elimination of varicose veins.

“Venous disease is a significant health concern for many people,” says Dr. Burke. “This can range from psychological distress due to unsightly varicose veins to more physical symptoms of pain and swelling. When left untreated, severe venous disease can even lead to skin changes and ulcer formation. Treating patients with venous insufficiency is often more than addressing the aesthetics, but about improving their quality of life and freeing people to get back to the activities that are important to them.”

Patients in the UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic also have access to UNC Health Care physicians in other specialties, such as hematology and plastic surgery. These UNC Health Care subspecialists are available to work with the patient and their Vein Clinic physician to treat the most complex cases of venous disorders, including open surgical interventions at UNC Hospitals if necessary.

To make an appointment, call the Open Access Referral Center at 866-862-4327.

Find out more about the UNC Comprehensive Vein Clinic on Thursday, June 27th from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the University Mall Summer Concert Series. Visit the UNC Health Care tent to talk with Vein Clinic physicians and nurse practitioners, and receive free information about treatment for spider veins, varicose veins and other venous health problems.


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