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The Corrective Action Policy (HR1201) and Attendance & Tardiness Policy (HR0902) were updated Aug. 1.

The revised policies make it easier for managers and supervisors to track employees in corrective action. The revisions also help ensure that employees are being treated fairly and consistently across the organization.

Updated Corrective Action Policy

Updated Attendance & Tardiness Policy

Due to the significance of the changes, a Corrective Action and Attendance & Tardiness policy change module was assigned to every leader in the Learning Management System (LMS). Leaders were strongly encouraged to complete this module so that they are familiar with the changes.

A Cascade Learning PowerPoint is also available at the end of the LMS module for managers and supervisors to share with their staff. All employees are encouraged to attend their unit’s Cascade Learning session to learn more about these policy revisions. Contact Employee Relations at 919-966-2261 if you have any questions about the revised policies.