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This year, the UNC School of Medicine had a record 5,154 applicants, with 4,239 applying from out of state and 915 applying from in-state. UNC interviewed 111 out-of-state applicants and 506 in-state applicants.

The Class of 2017 is 53% female and 47% male, with the median age falling between 21 and 25.

There are more than 50 different majors, ranging from Chemistry, Applied Math, and Molecular Biology to Spanish, Political Science, and Religious Studies. Out of a class of 180 students, 190 total degrees (MS, MH) are held. 29% of the members of the class have a BA and 69% have a BS.

The Class of 2017 hailed from 55 different universities.

Ryan Bradley
Outer Banks, N.C.
Undergrad: UNC, majored in chemistry

“I’m super excited. I can’t wait to get started. It’s a dream come true.”

Richard Broadhurst
Nashville, Tenn.
Undergrad: UNC, majored in public health

“I came back here because I like Chapel Hill–it’s a fun place. I’m interested in primary care and public health, so it’s a great place for that. It sounds like you have plenty of time to study, but also plenty of time to do other things, so that was encouraging to hear….I feel pretty good–I’m excited to start.

Patrick Campbell, MS
Mooresville, N.C.
Undergrad: NC State
Graduate School: NC State, physiology

“I chose UNC because it’s a great school and with in-state tuition, you can’t beat it. It’s close to home and I love North Carolina. It’s hard to come to UNC from NC State, but I’m excited.”

Elizabeth Cotton
Hometown: Rocky Mount, N.C.
Undergrad: UNC, majored in biology and medical anthropology

“I’m so excited to be back. Honestly, I was kind of nervous about another four years here, but I interviewed at UNC and loved it. Everyone was so friendly. I knew this was where I had to be.”

Christopher Cowden
Hometown: Winston-Salem, N.C.
Undergrad: UNC

“I’m excited. In-state tuition is hard to be beat. I know several people who have graduated from UNC and they’ve all gotten into their first choice (for residency). Clinical medicine seems interesting to me, and the training here is really good. This is an easy town to live in, and there’s good work-life balance. It’s a special place.”

Hemant Desai
Hometown: Morrisville, N.C.
Undergrad: NC State, majored in biochemistry


Meredith Johnson, MPH
Hometown: Columbia, Missouri
Undergrad: University of Missouri, majored in chemistry
Grad School: Emory University, master’s degree in public health

“I chose UNC because of my public health background. I want to do primary care. I want to keep track of my MPH, so UNC seems like the perfect place for that. I’m leaning towards Pediatrics.”

Hadeer Metwally
Undergrad: NC State, majored in Biochemistry

“Nervous, in one word.”

Graham Mulvaney
Undergrad: UNC

“I’m trying to keep an open mind and find what I really love to do.”

Franklin Niblock
Concord, N.C.
Undergrad: UNC, majored in health policy and management

“I love UNC because of the work-life balance. I think the students here have a really good perspective on medicine and life. I’m just really excited to get started.”

Dustin Rea
Undergrad: UVa

“I did the MED program here and I really enjoyed it–I was really thankful for the opportunity. I love Chapel Hill.”