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Please read here for the latest nursing uniform update!

In response to your valuable feedback, we have continued our efforts to improve the uniform process for you. Our goal is to continue to promote a professional look, and in order to do this we have some exciting updates to share!

Using input from Glad You Asked and the Employee Opinion Survey, and in collaboration with the Nursing Professional Development and Practice Councils, we have worked to update styles, add options, and continue with our unit- and service-based designed T-shirts.

New Styles – Due to popular demand we have added a number of different scrub styles and manufacturers to our available uniform list for purchase at Scrubs and Beyond including:

  • Landau
  • Landau Ultimate
  • Urbane
  • Greys Anatomy

Changes to Outerwear – In response to your feedback, we have added several black jacket styles to give you options that are more comfortable and stylish:

  • Multiple additional black jacket options for women
  • A lab coat style option more suitable for men will soon be available
  • Warm black fleece vest
  • Warm and comfortable black fleece jacket

Polo Shirts – We understand many of you prefer to wear a polo shirt instead of a scrub top. We have added two more choices with the “Old Well” logo:

  • Short sleeve polo shirt in black
  • Long sleeve polo shirt in black

Scrub Top Embroidery – We are aware that the embroidered scrub tops can be expensive. In an effort to decrease this cost to you embroidery will no longer be required for scrub tops! This will decrease the cost per item by approximately $5.00.

On-site Uniform Events – Beginning in October we will be scheduling quarterly onsite Uniform Events where you can purchase the above scrubs, polos and outerwear right in your own hospital! The first events are scheduled for October and November. Details and locations will be shared with you soon.

T-Shirts – We appreciate unit creativity and team building by designing and wearing appropriate T-Shirts in your areas. In order to continue this tradition as well as maintain a consistent and professional look, we have added a few new guidelines:

  • All shirts worn underneath a scrub top must be black.
  • Any designed T-Shirt must be black. The “UNC Well” logo must be located on the left breast of all designed T-Shirts.
  • Unit- and service-based T-Shirt designs must be kept to the back of the T-Shirt and not have any other writing on the front. Unit- and service-based T-Shirts should only include designs related to the area in which you work. T-Shirts are a source of unit/service pride but it is especially important that patients and colleagues can identify the nurses within the areas in which they specialize.
  • T-Shirt design approval must be submitted to the Director of each service line and approvals will be made quarterly at the nursing Executive Council with input from shared governance Council Co-Chairs.
  • NOTE: If your current T-Shirt does not meet the above guidelines, it must not be worn after Dec. 31, 2013.

UNC Scrub Website – We are also actively working with Scrubs and Beyond to create a personal UNC link on the Scrubs and Beyond website for scrub, shoe and accessory purchases for ease of online purchasing. There will be a flat ground rate shipping fee of $7.95 for all employees and free shipping for any order of $125 or more. Be on the lookout for more information when the link is available.

Payroll Deduction and Discounts – As a reminder, payroll deduction is available to UNCH staff at Scrubs and Beyond and through the website. Additionally, staff receive a 20% discount on all clothing as well as 10% on shoes and accessories!

Again, we thank you for your great suggestions as we continue to improve our uniform process and promote a professional look. We appreciate the input of our Shared Governance Councils and hope that the additional styles and selections give you more options in the decision of what you wear to work!