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This will be a monthly feature in the Heart and Vascular newsletter with new links every month to prepare everyone for the April 2013 GO-LIVE date.

This will be a monthly feature in the Heart and Vascular newsletter with new links every month to prepare everyone for the April 2013 GO-LIVE date.

Everyone throughout the UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care is preparing in some way for the launch of EPIC@UNC, an integrated information system across the UNC Health Care system. Here are some helpful links for you to visit over the next year as we prepare.

1) If you have a Healthcare ID, visit: This “Training Wheels” site will walk you through important tools to learn more about EPIC.

2) Visit this link to view a system-wide presentation of ‘Epic@UNC ‘Get Ready for Go-Live’

3) Epic applications – get familiar with the names!

  • EpicCare Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record supports primary care providers and specialists in ambulatory environments. Streamlined workflows, robust order entry, pre-configured documentation templates, integrated specialty support modules, and comprehensive decision support combine in a secure system with a reputation for physician acceptance. Clinicians can prescribe medications, enter notes, indicate diagnoses, and create orders at the point of care.
  • EpicCare Inpatient Clinical System spans hospital departments and specialties, giving providers the tools they need to deliver safe, high-quality care. It connects each member of the care team to a single patient record, ensuring that treatment decisions are based on up-to-date information and that care is coordinated when patients are treated by multiple providers. The application has built-in support for ICU/critical care workflows and five rights checking with barcoded medication administration.
  • OpTime Operating Room Management System helps improve surgeon productivity, OR utilization, and data access in both inpatient and ambulatory surgical environments. It also provides efficient workflows for scheduling, pre-operative anesthesia, documentation, and follow-up activities. With OpTime, surgeons can plan for an entire case from a single workflow, including entry of pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative orders.
  • Radiant Radiology Information System combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, film tracking, and detailed statistical reporting in a unified application for radiology. (note: we will actually be using much of the Radiant product for Cardiology areas as well)
  • ADT/Prelude Enterprise Registration is an enterprise-wide registration and patient tracking system promoting accurate registrations and giving your staff the tools needed to manage patient stays from pre-admission through discharge.
  • Cadence Enterprise Scheduling makes it easy for users to schedule visits and procedures while providing advanced tools that help improve patient services, keep appropriate slots open, and make the most efficient use of your staff and other resources.
  • Identity Enterprise Master Person Index manages patient identification throughout your enterprise, linking records across feeder systems and offering active and passive mode integration. Using sophisticated algorithms, Identity helps to quickly identify the right patient, prevent the creation of duplicate records, and eliminate existing duplicates.
  • Resolute Hospital Billing makes billing workflows efficient, reduces AR days, and helps you avoid payor denials. Workflow management tools combine with a full range of billing and accounts receivable functionality allowing users to bill acute, ED, and hospital outpatient charges in a single system.
  • Resolute Professional Billing streamlines charge entry, follow-up, payment posting, and other revenue cycle activities. It supports paperless collection processes and helps you submit clean, accurate claims, minimizing denials and helping keep AR days low.
  • Care Everywhere helps ensure patients’ medical data can follow them when they are away from their regular healthcare organization. Care Everywhere organizations share clinical information, including results histories and encounter summaries, when patients cross organizational boundaries
  • EpicCare Link strengthens ties with your affiliates and community providers by giving them secure access to patient information and referral management functions — helping them manage both incoming and outgoing referrals. Shared data and increased cooperation improves decision support, increases referrals, and boosts market share.
  • MyChart gives patients controlled access to the same Epic medical records their doctors use via browser or mobile app (for iOS and Android). MyChart’s self-serve online functions can help patients improve their own health, reduce the cost of customer service and provide a vital communication link to support accountable care. (Note that not all MyChart functions are available on mobile)

For more glossary terms (and yes, there are alot of them!), visit:

4) EPIC@UNC – Resources, upcoming events, key decisions, and internal pages

5) Frequently asked questions about EPIC@UNC

6) Detailed monthly updates on the EPIC@UNC process