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Epic at UNC provides a glossary of important terms for this month.

Dashboard – The web interface of System Pulse through which users can view all the performance and monitoring data collected by System Pulse.

Delegate – A person who has access to another person’s information in an application. A delegate is also called a proxy

Direct scheduling – The ability for patients to directly schedule an appointment using MyChart. The appointment is entered in the Cadence system, just as it would be if entered by a scheduler in Cadence.

Encounter – A clinical contact with a patient. For example, office visits, admissions, and triage calls are encounters. If more than one evaluation or procedure takes place at that visit, it is still usually considered one encounter. In billing applications, charges or other transactions can be associated with encounters.

Hyperspace – The integrated platform that hosts most Epic applications.

MyChart – Epic application that allows patients to view their medical records and interact with their physicians over the Internet.

Navigator – A series of sections meant to follow a particular workflow, such as an office visit or medication reconciliation. Common examples include the Visit Navigator, the Discharge Navigator, and the Call Navigator.

Pool – An In Basket mailing list that contains a group of Epic users. When a user sends an In Basket message to a pool, the message is available for all members of the pool to see, and any member can act on it. However, there is only one “copy” of the message available to all members of the pool. When someone is acting on the message, it is essentially checked out and unavailable to other members. Thus, only one member at a time can act on the message. Once the message is completed by one member of the pool, the message is no longer available to other members of the pool. Pools are also known as registries, and pool records are created in the Registry (HIP) master file.

Preference list – A set of frequently used orders. Orders can be added to facility preference lists by members of your project team and you can also maintain your own personal preference list to include orders you have pre-configured based on your preferences.

Procedure – Within Epic, any order that is not a medication is classified as a procedure. This includes orders for such things as lab tests, consults, supplies, and imaging.

Schegistrar – A role that combines scheduling and registration. To ensure consistent spelling, use “schegistration” and “schegistrar.”

Standing order – A procedure order with a predefined number of occurrences.