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The Epic@UNC Technical Dress Rehearsal team has tested more than 8,000 workstations and continues to test workstations and equipment at Go-Live #1 and #2 areas.

TDR tentative schedule

The tentative TDR schedule for March 10 – 14 is available at this link and also posted on the Intranet home page.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, review the FAQs below:

What does the Technical Dress Rehearsal entail? What is being tested?

The Technical Dress Rehearsal is a 6-week event (Feb. 3 through the middle of March) during which TDR teams test workstations in preparation for Epic@UNC Go-Lives #1 and #2. The specific tests for each device are dictated by the type of department in which the workstation lives. The goal is to confirm that at Go-Live each workstation will have access to the necessary Epic@UNC functionality for its respective Hospital or Clinic area and be able to successfully print in Epic@UNC.

In addition to workstations, TDR teams will be testing peripheral items, such as Business Continuity Access (BCA) machines, scanners, and e-signature pads.

I don’t see my clinic or hospital area on the TDR schedule for this week. Are you planning on visiting my area?

We are visiting all areas where clinicians will be using Epic on a regular basis. Before devices can be tested, there are several preceding steps that must be completed (e.g. new workstations delivered, workstations mapped to a printer). We have outlined a schedule according to areas’ readiness and geographic locations.

If your area is not on the schedule for the upcoming week, your area is most likely not ready or is not located in the designated area that will be covered that week. If you truly believe that your clinic or unit has been overlooked for the Epic@UNC Go-Live, please contact Will Bacic ().

A TDR team arrived at my clinic/unit unannounced. What should I do?

While we are making every effort to inform clinic / unit managers of TDR teams that will be visiting, we recognize that there will be situations where this communication is not received. Given the short time frame before Go-Live, please make every effort to accommodate the testing teams and they will do everything they can to avoid interfering with patient care.

Is it too late to order new hardware for Go-Live #1 or #2?

Unfortunately, yes. At this point all Epic@UNC hardware orders for Go-Live have been placed according to a needs assessment completed during the technical walkthroughs. The hardware you currently have onsite is the same hardware you will use during Go-Live, unless you previously ordered new equipment (e.g. workstations, monitors, scanners, etc) and are waiting on delivery.

As much as we would love to honor new requests for different devices, please understand that doing so across the health system would pose a major risk to Go-Live. At this point, further hardware requests or changes will take place during the Optimization phase of the project, beginning in Summer 2014. Closer to Optimization, you will receive a survey link that will allow you to indicate any outstanding hardware needs.

If my laptop has been mapped to a specific printer for Epic printing, what will happen if I move the location of my laptop?

If your laptop has been mapped to a specific printer for Epic@UNC printing, it will print to that printer regardless of where you move your laptop. For this reason, laptops that were expected to move between locations were not print mapped in order to provide the desired flexibility.

If you need to move locations with your laptop and find that you cannot print in the new location, please contact the so they can provide you with the proper printing access. Thank you for your patience through this process. We appreciate your participation in ensuring a successful Go-Live!