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The “best 180” join the Class of 2018. Meet a few students and learn about the class, by the numbers, in this update.

The “best 180” join the Class of 2018. Meet a few students and learn about the class, by the numbers, in this update.

This year, the UNC School of Medicine had a record 5,680 applicants, with 4,692 applying from out of state and 988 applying from in state. UNC interviewed 119 out-of-state applicants and 552 in-state applicants.

The Class of 2018 is 48% female and 52% male, with the median age falling between 21 and 29.

Students graduated with more than 53 different majors, ranging from Chemistry, Applied Math, and Molecular Biology to Spanish, Political Science, and Religious Studies.

The Class of 2018 hailed from 56 different universities.

We asked a few randomly selected medical students why they chose UNC. Here are their responses.

Orientation '18 Fola

Fola Omofoye
Durham, N.C.
Undergrad: Duke, majored in chemistry

“I was here for the summer when I participated in the MED program and that’s when I fell in love with the school. Once you get to know the community, you can’t help but like UNC.”

Orientation 18' Brad

Brad Thompson
Snowcamp, N.C.
Undergrad: NC State, majored in biomedical engineering

“I grew up in a rural area and I saw what lack of access to health care could do and it created some pretty bad effects on those individuals, family and community… Then, I lived in Alabama for a couple of years, I did research with the Army and allied with the professionals in the medical field, and so that experience (along with my rural background) is a big part of what led me wanting to become a medical student at UNC.”

Orientation '18 Chelsea

Chelsea Perfect
Durham, N.C.
Undergrad: Dartmouth, majored in classics

“I really like the Triangle, and being from Durham, I love this area. Some of the reasons why I chose to come to UNC are that the institution has a really good program and strong primary care, good residencies afterwards, and as far as being an in-state student, it makes a big difference in tuition.”

Orientation '18 Ana

Ana Bermudez
Miami, Florida
Undergrad: University of Florida, majored in biology

“I’m very interested in the underrepresented minorities in medicine and health care to the Hispanic population around Carolina. UNC School of Medicine really strives to teach incoming medical students about that and that’s something I want to learn more about and hopefully be a part of someday.”

Orientation '18 Trent

Trent Wei
Chapel Hill, N.C
Undergrad: UNC, majored in biology

“Going across the world, you really can’t find anyone else who is as welcoming and nice as the people here in Chapel Hill. Some other reasons why I chose to study at UNC… I did research with Dr. Jane Brice (she mentored me for four years as an undergrad) and I had a really good relationship with her. My family lives here so I really enjoy spending time with them.”

Orientation '18 Tiffany

Tiffany Dyer
Queens, New York
Undergrad: UNC, majored in Psychology

“I chose to come back to Carolina because I loved it in undergrad and I did the MED program and I got a taste of what the medical school would be like and I felt like I could come back here again. I got into other places and I immediately dropped them when I received the phone call from UNC.”