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In April 2014, Telecommunications began the process of transitioning landline phone numbers for off-site practices and offices. Work is now underway in the Cancer Hospital. After finishing work in the Cancer Hospital, the team will move to the Women’s Hospital. Read for complete information about the transition.

As we prepare for this project at UNC Hospitals, note the following:

Why are we changing phone systems/numbers?

  • For many years, UNC Hospitals purchased phone service through the University. The University is moving to its own VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service, so UNC Hospitals must transition to new phone lines and new phone numbers.

General information

  • UNC Medical Center landline phone numbers that begin with 919-966-, 919-843-, 919-445-, 919-962-, 919-595-, 919-231-, and 919-957- are moving to new 10-digit phone numbers using the Triangle’s new “984” area code.
  • “984-974-XXXX” is the new telephone number area code and extension.
  • “984” is a new Triangle area code and is a local call just like “919” numbers.

The conversion process

  • In each unit/department, Telecommunications staff members or contractors from Presidio will speak with the main contact person and conduct walkthroughs before beginning the process of installing new phones and changing numbers.
  • Several days before any numbers change, new phones (with the new 984-974-XXXX number noted on the screen) will be placed in each area receiving new phones along with a User Guide for the phone, voicemail system, etc.


  • The Telecommunications team will move through UNC Hospitals updating hardware and converting phone numbers in the following sequence:
    • N.C. Cancer Hospital – Begin late September
    • Women’s & Children’s – Early November
    • Neurosciences (including Medical School Wings) – Time TBD
    • Memorial/Bedtower – Time TBD

We will share regular updates through normal communications channels as the project progresses. The goal is to update all phones and phone numbers at UNC Hospitals by the end of 2014. Then the project will move to remaining outlying areas such as Eastowne and Shared Services.

Forwarding of existing phone numbers

  • Departmental numbers (usually one per department) will be indefinitely forwarded to the new 984-974-XXXX phone number.
    • Calls to either the old or the new number will be received at the same location.
    • For example, patients and visitors will still be able to dial 919-966-4131 to reach UNC Hospitals’ operators, even though users will also be able to reach the operators at 984-974-1000.
  • After an individual’s phone number transitions to “984-974-XXXX,” the previous number will forward to the new “984” number for at least one month after the number is updated in the WebXChange directory.
    • Once the forwarding period ends, a message will play for six months informing callers who dial the previous number that, “This number is no longer in service. The new number is 984-974-XXXX.”
    • After six months, the message will simply state, “This number is no longer in service.”

How you can help

  • As phone numbers change, please ALWAYS dial all 10 digits to ensure your call connects properly.
  • When paging someone, ALWAYS provide all 10 digits to ensure the person receiving the page knows the full, correct number to dial.
  • Continue to refer to the WebXChange directory as your source for phone numbers.
    • Phone numbers will be updated as they change (usually within two weeks) in WebXChange.
  • Once your phone number changes, change your email signature and any associated departmental Internet/Intranet pages ASAP to reflect the new number.
  • We do not expect any phone service outages as we convert phone numbers. However, if you experience any outages or problems, contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 or submit a ticket via HEAT Cloud.

What will change when you receive your new phone number

  • Once phone numbers transition to “984-974-XXXX,” you will need to dial “9” before making an outside call.
  • After receiving a new phone/number, individuals with phone lines also will receive an email notification of any new voicemail messages. This functionality is not offered for shared departmental lines.

Voicemail details

  • Telecommunications is providing printed instructions to setup and access your new voicemail inbox as each new phone/number is installed.
  • Once you receive your new 984-974-XXXX number, we recommend that you clean out your saved voicemail messages from the previous voicemail system (accessed at 919-966-6500).
  • Once you receive a new 984-974-XXXX number, you can then access your voicemail by hitting the “Messages” button on your phone or by dialing 984-974-6500 to access voicemail away from your office/unit.

University phone upgrades

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