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2015 W-2s will be available online beginning Jan. 23 for UNC Hospitals, Chatham Hospital, and UNC Hospitals-paid Faculty Physicians & staff employees. If you haven’t already done so, sign up by Monday, Jan. 18, to authorize electronic access to your W-2.

UNC Hospitals, Chatham Hospital and UNC Hospitals-paid Faculty Physicians & staff employees can access 2015 W-2s electronically via Document Self Service beginning Saturday, Jan. 23. Login to Document Self Service using your UNC Health Care account credentials (the same login/password you use to access Epic@UNC/LMS, etc.).

  • If you authorized electronic access to your W-2 in previous years, no action is required.
  • If you haven’t previously authorized electronic W-2 access, sign-up by Monday, Jan. 18, using the “W2” link on the left-hand column of Document Self Service.

Once you authorize electronic delivery of your W-2:

  • You will be able to log into Document Self Service at any time and view and print your current or historical W-2s.
  • You may optionally choose to have your W-2 information automatically populate the popular Turbo-Tax filing software when you file your taxes each spring.
  • You will not receive a printed copy in the mail.

If you choose not to authorize electronic delivery, your W-2 will be printed and mailed to your home address of record via the US Postal Service on or before Jan. 31 of each year.