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FreedomPay is the cashless way to pay at the UNC Hospitals’ cafés. Please review the different ways you can fund your FreedomPay account (both free funding options and the Platinum Service, which costs $2.50 each month once a Credit Card is used).

FreedomPay is a speedy, convenient and secure alternative to paying with a credit card or cash. Simply open your FreedomPay account with cash, credit/debit card or bank account at

Read these FAQs and review these funding Options including Platinum Service Program for more information. The different funding options are:

FreedomPay Free Funding Options FreedomPay Platinum Service ($2.50 per month once begun)
  • Cash at the Kiosk in the Terrace Cafe
  • Bank Account Funding (ACH)
    • Online
    • Over the phone
    • Via automatic replenishment
  • Check/Electronic Bill-Pay
  • Unlimited Credit/Debit Card
    • At kiosk
    • Online
    • Over the Phone
    • Automatic replenishment

Select the amount of money to put into your account, tap your FreedomPay tag on the reader at the register to pay and the purchase amount is then deducted from your account. It’s that easy!