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All schedulers are required to check the Recall Tab in the patient’s Appointment Desk as the first step when scheduling a follow-up appointment, especially when a patient calls to schedule an appointment.

Using the “Patient Recall” functionality allows scheduling staff to manage patients that need to return for additional appointments when future provider schedules are not yet available. You can create a “recall” to prompt system reminders whereby a patient automatically receives a letter and phone call to schedule their follow-up appointment at least 30 days prior to the recall date.

If a recall exists for the patient in the department where the follow-up is being requested, the follow-up appointment must be scheduled from the recall. Failure to follow this process and scheduling a follow-up appointment using the “Make Appointment” button when the patient has an applicable Recall entry in the Recall Tab could result in the following problematic outcomes for the patient:

  1. The patient will continue to receive paper and telephonic reminders to schedule their follow-up appointment even though the appointment was already scheduled.
  2. The patient will also receive the scheduled follow-up appointment reminder(s) in addition to the Recall reminders.
  3. Receiving multiple patient reminders as a result of items #1 and #2 above is a major patient dissatisfier.

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