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UNC Health Care continues to move forward with its creation of a system Human Resources function for our owned facilities (Caldwell Memorial, Chatham Hospital, High Point Regional, UNC Medical Center, UNC Physicians Network, and UNC REX Healthcare). Bill Rotella, System Vice President for Human Resources, and the HR System Executive Directors have spent the last month interviewing candidates for the remaining leadership roles within Human Resources. They are pleased to announce the following appointments that are effective immediately.

HR Executives

HR Executives are director-level roles that will serve as the HR advocate for each owned entity to the system, and serve as HR Executive on local leadership teams. They will provide and manage some locally delivered HR services at their entity. These roles will have a dual reporting relationship, to their entity’s CEO or designee, as well as to Steve Haynes, System Executive Director, HR Services.

  • Christina Good, HR Executive, Caldwell Memorial. Christina has been employed at Caldwell Memorial Hospital since December 2006 and has been Human Resources Director since November 2014.
  • Jodie Solow, HR Executive, Chatham Hospital/Hillsborough Hospital. Jodie has been employed with UNC Medical Center since November 2007 and has been Human Resources Director at Chatham Hospital since March 2012.
  • Jenni Marsh, HR Executive, High Point Regional. Jenni has been employed at High Point Regional since July 1995 and has been Director of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness since June 2009.
  • Sean Womack, HR Executive, UNC Medical Center. Sean has been a Senior Employee Relations Consultant at UNC Medical Center since June 2013.
  • Candace Glass, HR Executive, UNC Physicians Network. Candace has been Human Resources Manager at UNC Physicians Network since March 2010.
  • Jill Radding, HR Executive, UNC REX Healthcare. Jill has been employed at UNC REX since May 2006 and has been Director of Human Resources since June 2015.

System Directors

  • Earl Rezendes, System Director, Compensation. Earl has been employed at UNC Medical Center since July 2010 and has been the Total Compensation Manager since July 2011.
  • Bertha Carter, System Director, HR Customer Service Center. Bertha has been Manager of Employee Relations and Employment at High Point Regional since July 2008.
  • Jennifer Riddick, System Director, HR Information Systems (HRIS). Jennifer has been employed at UNC REX Healthcare since July 2002 and has been the Manager of HR Technology there since October 2005.
  • John Sneed, System Director, Recruitment. John has been a Senior Human Resources Consultant at UNC REX Healthcare since December 2012.

System Managers

  • Todd Whitmer, System Manager, Learning Technology. Todd has been E-Learning Specialist at UNC Medical Center since June 2013.
  • Angela Montgomery, System Manager, Medical Center Benefits. Angela has been Benefits Manager at UNC Medical Center since April 2014.
  • Patricia Carter, System Manager, Network Benefits. Patricia has been a Benefits Specialist at UNC REX Healthcare since September 2012.
  • Gary Johnson, System Manager, Payroll. Gary has been Payroll Manager at UNC Medical Center since June 2008.

While these appointments are effective immediately, these individuals also will continue in their current roles until the development of the UNC Health Care Human Resources team is complete. This may result in multiple office locations during the transition.

Please continue to use your current HR contacts for day-to-day business. As Bill and his leadership team work together to transition duties and responsibilities to new teams, we will let you know about any new contacts, roles or workflows.