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Please review the steps below needed to either cancel a Lab Order or submit a Result Correction Request.

Cancelling Lab Orders:

  • UNC Health Care Lab Orders
    If collection documentation has been completed but the specimen was not obtained for UNC Health Care Lab specimens, contact your local lab to request a test be cancelled. (Users outside of the lab cannot cancel orders via Order Inquiry.)
  • LabCorp or other External Lab Orders
    Submit Chart Correction through Epic@UNC (Epic button>Submit Chart Correction)
  • If specimens are not collected or labels not printed, go to Order Entry to cancel the order.

Result Correction Requests:

  • UNC Health Care Lab Resulting Agency – Contact local lab
  • Point of care or scanned results (not performed by UNC Health Care Lab Resulting Agency)
    • Scanned result report to wrong patient HIM corrects – Submit Chart Correction
    • Point of care collected/documented on wrong patient – Submit Chart Correction

Note: Result corrections are not performed by ISD. Please do not submit an incident through the ISD Service Desk.