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Members of the UNC School of Medicine class of 2020 arrived on campus this week to begin their medical school journey. During their four years, they will learn in classroooms and clinics here in Chapel Hill, across the state of North Carolina and beyond.

Members of the Class of 2020 listen to a presentation as a part of their orientation week

The class of 180 students includes graduates of 68 different universities, and natives of 18 different states, with 144 of the students being native North Carolinians.

As they began orientation, a few members of the class explained why they chose UNC for their medical education and what they are most excited about.

“The curriculum at UNC was very different than many of the other schools I considered. I love all of the hands-on training we will be able to do. I’m already looking forward to the first clinical week in October.”

Jasmine Sinkhada, completed her undergraduate studies at UNC-Charlotte

“I’ve been working at UNC Hospitals as a nursing assistant, and so I already have a great feel for the hospital here and the great people, which is why I’m so excited to begin medical school, get more experiences in patient care, and continue to increase my skills and knowledge.”

Ben Bortner, completed his undergraduate studies at Penn State University.

“I’m excited about everything. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. It seems simple, but I’m just excited about learning the material, working with other members of my class, and interacting with patients.”

Chris McMillan, completed his undergraduate studies at UNC

“To be honest, when I interviewed here I just had a great feeling. It just felt right and I’m so excited to get started.”

Alessandra Tomasi, completed her undergraduate studies at Cornell University

“During my time as an undergraduate at UNC, I formed some great relationships within the School of Medicine, especially in the Office of Special Programs. So, I know what a great atmosphere there is here and I’m excited to join the family.”

Chris Okorieocha, completed his undergraduate studies at UNC

“I’ve already gotten to know a few members of the class, which was great. It’s such a diverse group, I can’t wait to learn with and from everyone.”

Meagan Watkins, completed her undergraduate studies at Columbia University

“I’m excited to learn how to actually be a doctor. I loved all of my college science courses, but I’m excited for the medical science courses. I’m excited to spend all of my time strictly focused on medicine.”

Ashley Thrower, completed her undergraduate studies at UNC