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As the Seasons of Gift Giving begin again, please be reminded that while we are always grateful for the appreciation and good will that gifts from vendors, non-employed physicians, patients and/or families invoke, we need to avoid an appearance that gifts may improperly influence our professional relationships and business decisions.

Gift giving and receiving should be made in accordance with business conduct standards outlined in gift and vendor relations policies as well as the Code of Conduct. Some examples of best practices are listed below:

  1. UNC Health Care and its affiliated Network Entities’ employees may never accept cash, cash equivalents, or financial instruments (e.g., gift certificates, checks or stocks).
  2. Under no circumstances may UNC Health Care and its affiliated Network Entities’ employees solicit a gift.
  3. Perishable or consumable gifts received should not be lavish and may be shared with a department or group.

All questions should be directed to the Compliance Office at 984-974-1237 or via email at

Thank you all for the care you provide to each of our patients, the support you provide to our physicians and practitioners, and the teamwork you provide to each other.

May your holidays be filled with all good things!