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Use the steps below to access the Playground to preview workflows and processes in Epic@UNC.

Steps to Access the Epic@UNC Playground:

  • Visit MyApps at
    • If you have not accessed MyApps before, you may have to download the Client. Use the ‘Client Setup Guide’ link at the bottom of the MyApps window and follow the installation instructions if needed.
  • Login to MyApps using your UNC Health Care ID (the same User ID & password you use to login to Epic@UNC).
  • Select the Epic@UNC folder.
  • Select the Playground icon.
  • You cannot login to Playground using your UNC Health Care ID/password. Instead, find the appropriate user ID and Password at

Contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you have any issues logging-in to the Epic@UNC Playground.