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Effective July 22 with Go-Live #6, the Quick Abstraction option (under Quick Navigators) and the HM Results Console (in an Abstract Encounter) are being removed from Epic@UNC in order to promote accurate clinical documentation of Health Maintenance procedures and labs done outside of the UNC Health Care System.

Documentation of these activities is required for many clinical quality measures.

  • Health Maintenance activities done outside of the UNC Health Care System should be documented using the ‘Enter/Edit Results’ activity and then choosing “Ext Result” from the toolbar and selecting “Scan Results.”
  • Health Maintenance External Results can be entered in the following types of encounters: Office Visit, Abstract, Outreach, Telephone, Orders Only and Refill.
  • When using the External Results workflow, please pay careful attention to two key steps:
    1. Ensure that the “Result Date” reflects the date that the lab or procedure was completed (not the date you are entering the results in the system). Result dates recorded incorrectly will result in inaccurate prompting in Health Maintenance, which could delay testing or care for your patient.
    2. Ensure that you are including the results of the test or screen, preferably as a scanned document but, at a minimum, entering results in the Impression.

Health Maintenance External results with incorrect dates or missing results will fail audits of quality measures. For more details on how to use Enter/Edit Results, see the Scanning HM Results for HM when No Epic Order Exists Tip Sheet.