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Three UNC Hospitals residency programs ranked either first or second for best reputation among the nation’s residency programs, and 21 ranked in the top 50.

UNC’s residency program in Medicine/Pediatrics was ranked No. 1 by reputation.

UNC Hospitals’ residency program in Medicine/Pediatrics was ranked No. 1 for reputation nationwide, and its programs in Family Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology were ranked No. 2, in the latest Doximity Residency Navigator rankings.

These programs, and their rankings, are:

Anesthesiology, 26
Child Neurology, 47
Dermatology, 33
Emergency Medicine, 38
Family Medicine, 2
Internal Medicine, 29
Medicine/Pediatrics, 1
Neurological Surgery, 44
Neurology, 46
Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2
Ophthalmology, 39
Otolaryngology, 14
Pathology (Anatomic & Clinical), 28
Pediatrics, 23
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 48
Plastic Surgery (Integrated), 25
Psychiatry, 21
Radiation Oncology, 25
Radiology (Diagnostic), 34
Surgery, 36
Urology, 15

The Residency Navigator program lists can be sorted (or ranked) based on several qualities, including reputation, research output and program size. The rankings shown above are sorted by reputation, indicating that these residency programs are among those that board-certified physicians hold in the highest regard for quality of clinical training.

“This is a fantastic result given the UNC Med-Peds has been around for most of the 50 years that Med-Peds has been a specialty,” said Richard M. Wardrop III, MD, PhD, program director for UNC’s internal medicine and pediatrics residency. “It’s an honor for our program to be recognized by med-peds physicians all over the country as a top program. Clearly the UNC med-peds tradition is built on years of excellence in both the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics which culminates in attracting some of the best residents anywhere who go on to wonderful things here at UNC and elsewhere. Congratulations to all of those past and present who make our program great.”

“In our unwavering goal of improving the lives of women, we know it is vital to provide superlative learning experiences for the obstetricians and gynecologists of tomorrow,” said Daniel Clarke-Pearson, MD, chair of UNC’s department of obstetrics & gynecology. “Partnered with our world-class faculty, our residents have the opportunity to become excellent clinicians engaged in outstanding patient care, cutting-edge research that changes women’s lives and service to women across the state and around the world.”

“UNC Family medicine has a long history of national recognition for excellence in education – we have been consistently top-ranked by U.S. News & World Report, among others,” said Cristen P. Page, MD, MPH, chair of UNC’s department of family medicine. “This is yet another indicator of our faculty’s commitment to training future leaders in primary care and Family Medicine. We are so excited to continue attracting the best and brightest to UNC!”

The Doximity Residency Navigator is an interactive tool designed to help the medical students research and compare residency training programs nationwide based on their unique career interests. It combines objective data with 260,000 nominations, ratings and reviews from over 52,000 U.S. physicians.

Doximity is an online professional network for U.S. physicians launched in 2011. Physicians who are registered with Doximity are eligible to vote for the residency rankings and for U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals rankings.