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Starting in February 2018, to enhance our information security, UNC Health Care will begin requiring ‘Two-Step Verification’ using the DUO mobile app for Android or iOS when accessing certain UNC Health Care applications remotely (outside of UNC Health Care locations). Note that you will still be able to login normally while at work using the UNC Health Care network (including from UNC School of Medicine offices).

Two-step verification involves the following:

  • Step #1: Login with your UNC Health Care account credentials (ID and password) as you would normally
  • Step #2: You will receive a prompt on your mobile device from the DUO mobile app and must confirm the prompt to complete the login process.

Action Required

To ensure you are still able to access UNC Health Care applications remotely:

  • Download the DUO mobile app on your mobile device using the Apple App Store or Google Play. See our DUO instructions and education at
    Note: If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill faculty member already using DUO, you can use the same DUO app and set up a separate account (using step #2 below) for accessing UNC Health Care applications.
  • Register your smartphone cell number with the UNC Health Care DUO system by logging-in at and following the instructions.

Rollout schedule for DUO two-step verification:

You will see two-step verification prompts based on the schedule below:

  • Now: DUO two-step verification required to e-prescribe controlled substances.
  • Jan. 16: All users already enrolled in DUO will begin seeing DUO two-step verification when using WebMail remotely.
  • Feb. 6: DUO two-step verification will be required for remote access to WebMail ( Note that two-step verification will not be required at this time to access email through an email app on iOS/Android.
  • Feb. 13: DUO two-step verification required for remote access to VPN.
    March 1: DUO two-step verification required for remote access to MyApps (the updated UNC Health Care Citrix platform), including remote access to Epic@UNC.

Note the following details:

  • DUO two-step verification is not required when logging-in from UNC Health Care locations, including UNC School of Medicine offices (with the exception of locations at UNC Wayne, UNC Lenoir, and UNC Rockingham, which are not yet on the UNC Health Care Network).
  • You can install DUO mobile app on Apple iOS devices, Android devices, and Windows phone/ tablet devices. You cannot install DUO on Desktops or Laptops.
  • If you do not want to use a mobile device for DUO two-step verification, you can call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 each time you need to access the applications above remotely to receive a one-time passcode. See details in the FAQ at
  • Ultimately, DUO two-step verification will be required when remotely accessing the following applications: LMS, Intranet/Sharepoint, MySupport@UNC, etc.


Contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you have questions or issues registering your mobile device with the DUO mobile app.