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As you have likely heard, BD had a very large recall of many of their heparin flush syringes. The recall involved nearly 100% of our stock at our hospitals, procedure areas, and clinics as well as all of the stock at our wholesaler (AmerisourceBergen). The recall also involved sodium chloride 0.9% flush syringes, however, the pharmacy’s stock of this item was not impacted. Please place orders as you usually do for resupply.

If you have urgent needs, reach out to us by emailing to .

We will have to limit your first orders to a 1 week supply, but we have received information leading us to believe we will be quickly resupplied and when you reorder, we should be able to fill larger orders. Some of the product we are getting in is from Medefil and some from BD (lots that were not recalled) so it may look a little different.

Regarding any product you may have that was recalled, please dispose of it as you would any partially used or expired medication. The syringes only cost 40 cents each and the cost of returning and processing product is not worth the refund we may get back on the purchase price.