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Starting June 5, you may login to Taleo PM to complete your self-assessment, if needed. If you are new to Taleo PM, training materials to help you learn the system may be found here.

Access and Learn about Taleo Performance:

  • To access the Taleo application, click on this link and save this website in your favorites:
  • Taleo PM training materials including Quick Sheets and LMS modules are available at this link. If you are new to Taleo Performance, check out the following Quick Sheets and LMS Modules:
    • Using Taleo (Login, Navigation, Viewing Goal Plans)
    • Click here for self-assessment instructions
    • How to reply to feedback requests from peers or managers
    • LMS Module links are provided here
  • If your password has expired, call the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357.
  • For assistance with Taleo Performance, email