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Several members of the Class of 2019 were recently inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA), a national medical honor society dedicated to improving care for all by recognizing students’ commitments to scholarship, leadership, service, professionalism, and humanism in medicine.

The following members of the UNC School of Medicine Class of 2019 were recently inducted into the AOA:

Ursula Adams

Paul Alvarez

Jake Bowling

Glenn Boyles

Katelyn Butler

Catherine Fahey

Zoe Gan

Karina Javalkar

Joseph Moo-Young

Max Nagle

Omoyemen Osehobo

Luisa Paredes Acosta

Chelsea Perfect

Joanna Schneider

Brianna Sexton

Kristin Sundy

Kristen Westfall

Julia Whitley

Emily Zalimeni

These students join several of their classmates previously inducted into the organization:

Yousef Abu-Salha

Hayley Cunningham

Laura Derry

Kate Dickson

Lacey English

Ned Hardison

Danielle Jameison

Marni Krehnbrink

Louisa Mounsey

Angela Ning

Helen Powell

Samantha Robin

Neha Verma