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On Nov. 26, the Surgical Tower construction zone will be extended to the front of the hospital. This will close the Memorial and Children’s Hospital entrances to vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

As we adjust to this new phase of the construction project, please note:

  • All staff should plan a little extra time during their commute to and from the hospital
  • Staff who park in the Cardinal Deck are encouraged to use the Cancer Hospital bridge to enter the hospital
  • Staff who are dropped off should do so at Jackson Circle (between the Physicians Office Building and the Jackson Parking Deck) and use the stairs to reach the Cancer Hospital Bridge. Those with mobility issues should plan to use the elevator around the corner from the stairs.
  • S11 shuttle drop off and pick up will now take place at the Manning Dr. level entrance to the Cancer Hospital.
  • Most registration will now take place in the Women’s Hospital lobby. Because of the expected increase in foot traffic in that area, staff are encouraged to utilize alternate routes that do not take them through the Women’s Hospital lobby whenever possible.
  • A copy of the slide deck used in last week’s informational meetings may be found here.
  • More information about the Surgical Tower project may be found here. Please send questions to