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The New CVAD Liaison team is available to assist with central line insertions, CLABSI prevention education, and patient rounding.

The new CVAD Liaison team went live on Feb. 18. The team was formed in response to provider and nursing staff requests.

The CVAD Liaison’s primary aim is to serve as a second trained personnel in the room during central line insertions to assist where needed, including promoting infection prevention measures. The team will also provide education on and assistance with central lines – emphasizing CLABSI prevention, rounding on patients with central lines, and serving as a resource for challenging CVAD dressings and sluggish lines.

There are five nurses on the team, with one person available 24/7. Providers and nurses can reach the team via Directory Pager or Vocera (use “CVAD Liaison”), or through “Consult CVAD Liaison” in Epic.

See our flyer for more info and photos of the team: