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As we continue celebrating Doctor’s Day this week, please join us in congratulating our 189 providers who will receive the 2019 UNC Health Care and UNC Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence!

UNC Health Care administers the CG-CAHPS (Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey to solicit feedback from our patients. The survey asks our patients if they would recommend their provider’s office to their friends and family. Over the last year, for 189 of our providers, more than 95 percent of their patients responded “Yes, definitely!,” which places these providers in the top quartile nationally.

The 2019 UNC Health Care and UNC Faculty Physicians Award for Carolina Care Excellence is awarded in recognition of this achievement.

Of special note, 39 of our providers had 100 percent of their patients responded “Yes, definitely!” We celebrate these physicians and advanced practice providers for helping to create an exceptional experience for all of our patients. We thank them for being exemplary in delivering Carolina Care with empathy and expertise.

Medicine Anesthesiology Ophthalmology
Marco Aleman Christy Nagel James Baldwin
Megan Andrews David Fleischman
Anne Beaven Audiology Jan Ulrich
Lee Berkowitz Andrea Bucker Alice Zhang
Timothy Brotherton English King
Jan Busby-Whitehead Sarah McCarthy Orthopaedics
John Buse Josh Berkowitz
Lisa Carey Dermatology Donald Bynum Jr.
Timothy Carey Jonathan Bissette Robert Esther
Cheryl Carlson Craig Burkhart Nicole Lane
Paul Chelminski Donna Culton Moe Lim
Cristin Colford Amy Fox Jackie Myers
Frances Collichio Puneet Jolly Christopher Olcott
Scott Commins Patricia Mauro Megan Patterson
Maureen Dale Diana McShane Jeffrey Spang
Mary Daniels Bradley Merritt
Cody Deen Dean Morrell Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery
Elizabeth Dees Rajat Varma Robert Buckmire
Randal Detwiler Carolyn Ziemer Madison Clark
James Donohue Trevor Hackman
Ronald Falk Family Medicine Lauren Kilpatrick
Matthew Foster Kathleen Barnhouse Samip Patel
Edwin Fuller Amir Barzin Brent Senior
Anil Gehi Mallory Brown William Shockley
Meredith Gilliam Erin Burnette Brian Thorp
Andrew Greganti Catherine Coe Mark Weissler
Jonathan Hansen Timothy Daaleman Adam Zanation
Elizabeth Harris Katrina Donahue
James Hathorn Laura Gay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Hans Herfarth Thomas Koonce Angela Lipscomb-Hudson
Alan Hinderliter Yee Lam
Gerald Hladik Donald Pathman Radiation Oncology
Kim Isaacs Vinay Reddy Ronald Chen
Trevor Jolly Ashley Rietz Bhishamjit Chera
Beth Jonas Donald Spencer Ellen Jones
Morgan Jones Liza Straub Joel Tepper
Thomas Keyserling Laurel Wallace Andrew Wang
Karen Kimel-Scott Gregg Warshaw
Deepa Kirk Samuel Weir Radiology
Steve Kizer Matthew Zeitler Robert Dixon
Eric Klett Adam Zolotor
Christopher Klipstein Surgery
Mildred Kwan Neurology Benjamin Calvo
Carrie Lee Nina Browner Mark Farber
Julie Lewis James Howard Jr. Timothy Farrell
Jason Lobo Daniel Roque Katharine Harrell
Millie Long Miriam Sklerov Mark Koruda
Danielle Maier Rebecca Traub Jason Long
Melissa Matson Patricia Long
Autumn McRee Neurosurgery William Marston
Paula Miller Deanna Sasaki-Adams Michael Meyers
Thomas Miller David Ollila
Peadar Noone Obstetrics and Gynecology David Overby
Jennie Petruney Victoria Bae-Jump Timothy Sadiq
Elizabeth Prata John Boggess Karyn Stitzenberg
Cassie Ramm Wendy Brewster Tara Zychowicz
Shana Ratner Erin Carey
Brandi Reeves Daniel Clarke-Pearson Urology
Maria Rivera AnnaMarie Connolly Kristy Borawski
Lisa Rose-Jones Jenny Cox Brian Cope
Joseph Rossi Michael Evers Mary Dunn
Hanna Sanoff Paola Gehrig Raj Pruthi
Bart Scott Elizabeth Geller Mathew Raynor
Nicholas Shaheen Jennifer Howell Heather Schultz
Amy Shaheen Molly Leatherland Angela Smith
Thomas Shea Amanda O’Briant Ray Tan
Sarah Smithson Lauren Schiff Eric Wallen
Megan Sterlina John Soper
George Stouffer III Linda Van Le
Dell Strayhorn Maggie Wilkins
Tammy Triglianos Jennifer Wu
Karin True
Sascha Tuchman
Hendrik van Deventer
John Vavalle
Jennifer Walker
Thelsa Weickert