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Celebrate diversity by participating in the 2019 Multicultural Fair! We invite you to set up an exhibit. The fair will be held on Friday, May 3 in the Starbucks Outdoor Patio – UNC Cancer Hospital.

It is time to celebrate! The annual Multicultural Fair was created to celebrate the rich diversity of employees at UNC Hospitals and the community of patients, family members, and visitors we serve every day. In addition to celebrating diversity, the fair provides educational opportunities and strives to promote a culture of inclusion. Employees and members from the community are invited to join this festive event. You can participate by displaying an exhibit (informational, cultural, interactive, etc.) or selling a cultural craft. All exhibits will automatically be entered into the exhibit contest for a chance to win prizes for the most creative, interactive, educational exhibit.

Interested in being a part of this year’s fair? Applications are due by Thursday, April 11.

As in previous years, all employees can participate in the Multicultural Fair Trivia Contest. In the coming weeks we’ll ask trivia contest questions via Employee News Online. Submit your answers for a chance to win a Freedom Pay card which can be used at the Terrace Café, Corner Café, the Overlook or Starbucks.

Need some creative exhibit ideas? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ways to say hello in different languages
  • Cultural awareness celebrations by the month
  • Family traditions
  • What’s in a name? The origins and meanings of names
  • Children’s songs from around the world
  • How elders are treated in your culture
  • What does a weekend look like where you grew up?
  • Cultural effects of vitiligo – what happens when you lose your physical cultural identity?
  • Health issues with redheads – ginger genes
  • Different religious beliefs about the soul
  • Favorite pastimes in your culture
  • Educational differences across cultures
  • Cultural health beliefs and practices
  • Cultural rites of passages
  • Significance of hats and heads coverings across cultures

Departments Who Have Participated in Previous Fairs

5 Anderson Interpreter Services

7 Children’s Learning and Organizational Development

Environmental Services Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Epidemiology Pastoral Care

Financial Counseling Patient Relations

Heart and Vascular