UNC School of Medicine reimagines medical student training in the science of medicine with its new Medical Science 5 course and seeks research mentors for a modest time commitment.

As part of the educational mission of the School of Medicine, we are excited about an opportunity to expose 4th medical students to scientific research as part of their individualization phase in a new Medical Science 5 course. We are looking for researchers in a medical field that can mentor a medical student (or up to 4 if you’re interested!) in their area of expertise over the course of a year. Research topics could range from basic science to health services to implementation or clinical trials.

Mentors would have the chance to foster interested students in their field and provide periodic guidance to them as they do a literature review, synthesize a specific aims page, and develop an abstract for review. Mentors would need to issue grades in a timely manner.

Given the lack of physician-researchers in the current pipeline, we are enthusiastic about the chance to encourage medical students in research related to their areas of interest. We believe this opportunity will require only a modest commitment of time for mentors and be enriching and fulfilling for faculty as well.

Please contact Megan Goldsby (megan_goldsby@med.unc.edu) on behalf of Drs. Chrissy Kistler and Camille Ehre, the current course directors, if you’re interested! Please email Dr. Kistler (Christine_Kistler@med.unc.edu) or Dr. Ehre (camille_ehre@med.unc.edu) with any other questions.