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Five Clinical Departments Receive Support to Incentivize Clinical Research by K Awardees.

In an effort to bolster the engagement of junior clinician scientists in research, the School of Medicine (SOM) released a new incentive to departments to support the research activities of clinician scientists with K awards. This strategic initiative is intended to provide additional resources to departments to expand the cohort of clinician scientists with an MD or MD/PhD in the SOM who are engaged in scientific research.

In this first year, the Office of Research (OoR) allocated a total of $283,750 to five departments for their faculty with externally funded K01, K08, K22, K23, K24, K26 or K99 grants from the NIH.

The funding is provided for up to three years for each K recipient to offset departmental clinical obligations and promote research.

Funding will be allocated on an annual basis as part of “Forward Together,” the five year strategic plan for the SOM.