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North Carolina law requires all adults to report suspected child maltreatment. The UNC Hospitals Beacon Program is dedicated to providing services that help break the generational cycle of family violence.

Times of crisis puts families under great stress and can lead to significant increases in the risk of child maltreatment. In fact, children are at greater risk of child abuse and neglect during the COVID-19 Pandemic, yet reports to child protective services are down as much as 70 percent in some locations. But caring adults can help protect children from the increased risk of child maltreatment.

Prevent Child Abuse NC put out this flyer reminding all of us of our obligations to report child abuse and neglect with valuable information and resources.

If healthcare providers or adults anywhere have any questions, they can call the UNC Hospitals Beacon Program, which provides comprehensive, coordinated care to UNC Health patients, families, and employees experiencing a variety of interpersonal abuse. The direct Beacon Program phone number is 984-974-0470.