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Please read a memo with updates on parking allocations for fall.

To address the needs of our SOM faculty, staff and students that will be working and learning on campus this fall, we are working together as “One Great Team” to facilitate a temporary shift of parking allocations from teleworking employees to those that may be impacted by transit capacity reductions and are searching for on campus parking options.

Employees that are permit holders (not using park-and-ride or public transportation) and meet the four days per week working onsite threshold will be assigned their permit based on previous unit-determined parameters and will be charged associated permit fees.

SOM employees that work three days or less on campus will have their existing permits paused while teleworking and will not be charged. These parking permits will be temporarily reassigned to employees in need. If and when the teleworking employee returns to campus, the parking permit will be reassigned back to this individual.

Employees who currently rely on public transportation or park-and-ride who are interested in securing parking should inform their department’s Parking Coordinator. We will temporarily allocate parking permits to these employees as available. Employees with temporary parking assignments will be charged applicable parking fees. Parking availability will continue to be monitored throughout the semester.

Beginning fall 2020, UNC Transportation and Parking will no longer issue individual parking tags. Once a permit is confirmed, permit holders will be asked to register their vehicle online and parking will be monitored by license recognition beginning August 1.

Students interested in applying for parking are encouraged to enter the lottery through online services before July 13. Parking fees apply.

Postdoctoral Fellows follow the same process as employees for parking and should contact their department parking coordinator. UNC Transportation and Parking has allocated additional spaces for Postdocs on campus. Parking fees apply.

Department Parking Coordinators will contact employees to determine their parking needs this week. Employees will be notified of their parking assignments by July 24.