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The School of Medicine seeks an eager leader with teaching experience to serve in the role of Individualization Phase Co-Director, as Dr. Peadar Noone transitions from this leadership role.

Sent on Behalf of Dr. Sarah Smithson,

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in recognizing Dr. Peadar Noone for his exceptional commitment to medical education in the UNC School of Medicine. Teaching in PCC, precepting in the clinical setting, leading the Transition to Residency Course, and Co-Directing the Individualization Phase are only a few of his many contributions to our educational community. As a clinician educator, Dr. Noone is consistently honored as a beloved mentor and role model. And since the inception of Individualization Phase, Dr. Noone has shared his expertise and insight to guide the Phase from a proposal to a thriving and integral part of the education of every medical student who graduates from UNC SOM.

With the Individualization Phase thriving, Dr. Noone has decided that now is a good time to transition this leadership role to a colleague looking for a rewarding professional experience. In Dr. Noone’s words, “Its been a fabulous experience, and aside from the pleasure of helping fashion the phase and contents and interactions with students, its allowed me to meet and interact with colleagues from around the School of Medicine that I would probably not meet in my professional travels otherwise. And knowing so many others from such a variety of departments and divisions enriches my clinical life also, as we all share many patients… such a win win!”

So please thank Dr. Noone for his work leading Individualization Phase, and fear not, he is not leaving us! He will continue teaching and leading in many other capacities.

If you are interested in the role of Individualization Phase Director, please read below for details. And please share this announcement widely.

Individualization Phase Director

The School of Medicine seeks an eager leader with teaching experience to serve in the role of Individualization Phase Co-Director. The person selected will work alongside Dr. Ana Felix, leading the Individualization Phase across all campuses statewide and assuming the responsibilities below. In addition, all Phase and Course leaders in the School of Medicine are expected to obtain the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion certificate within 18 months of appointment. Competitive candidates will demonstrate a history of collaboration and effectiveness. Experience teaching in the Individualization Phase will be viewed favorably. Support will be 10% FTE.

Please submit a Letter of Interest and your CV to Sarah Smithson ( by 5pm on Friday, July 31.

Phase Director Responsibilities: responsibility for the overall design, management, integration, evaluation and enhancement of the phase including the following:

1. Oversight: Assure logical sequencing and horizontal and vertical integration of the phase curriculum. Assure that curricular content, methods of pedagogy and medical student assessment that are appropriate for achievement of the school’s educational objectives. Assure that SOM educational policies are being followed within the phase e.g. formative feedback, narrative assessment, grade timeliness, duty hours, etc.

2. Review: Regular review and revision of the curriculum using multiple measures including national norms of accomplishment and student feedback. Assess whether these metrics provide the necessary information to show that the collection of courses are achieving the school-established competencies? Is the Phase fulfilling its educational duty?

3. Administration: Co-chair the Phase committee and serve on the Education Committee as a voting member.

Time requirements:

  • Work closely with Dr. Ana Felix and Mindy McKinney, the Individualization Phase leadership team (variable)
  • Co-lead monthly Individualization Phase meetings (1 hour)
  • Monthly meeting with Individualization Phase student representatives (30 minutes)
  • Monthly meeting with partners in the Office of Medical Education for course reviews, goal setting, and review of accreditation requirements (1 hour)
  • Monthly Agenda Planning meeting (30-60 mins)
  • Monthly Application Phase Meeting (1 hour) – can alternate with other Indy Phase Director
  • Monthly Education Committee (1 hour) – 3rd Monday of the month at 4pm
  • Monthly Phase Leaders Meeting (1 hour) – 1st Tuesday of the month at 3:30pm
  • Monthly meeting with Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education (30-60 mins)
  • Monthly Campus Director meetings (1 hour)
  • Quarterly Campus Leadership retreats (half day) – virtual (formerly required travel/overnight)
  • Twice yearly Teaching Faculty Retreat (4-8 hours) – planning and attendance