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In “Marvels of Mucus and Phlegm: The Slime that Keeps You Healthy,” the NIH featured Richard Boucher, MD, to help explain why mucus gets a bad rap and what its true purpose is in human health.

Richard Boucher, MD, the James Moeser Eminent Distinguished Professor of Medicine and director of the UNC Marsico Lung Institute, has been studying the ins and outs of mucus and its role in human health and disease for decades.

Most recently, he co-led a major study in the journal Cell about the details of coronavirus infection in human airways, adding to evidence that wearing a mask is an important protective step toward limiting transmission of COVID-19.

In an article about the misunderstood gooey substance, the National Institutes of Health called on Boucher to explain the importance of mucus. Read it here, as part of the “NIH News in Health” monthly newsletter, which features tips on staying healthy and caring for loved ones, and explains cutting-edge medical approaches being explored by scientists.

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