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Sandra Soto, PhD, MPH, assistant professor of nursing and member of the Thurston Arthritis Research Center, received $600,000 from the NIH’s National Institute on Minority and Health Disparities.

Statistically, Hispanics are less likely to meet physical activity guideline recommendations, and those with osteoarthritis are more likely to report greater joint pain, functional limitations, and work limitations than non-Hispanic Whites.

This study will address the need for interventions promoting physical activity among Hispanics with OA by incorporating factors related to their social environment, thus using a culturally sensitive approach to improve health behaviors.

Developing a dyadic physical activity intervention shaped by the cultural value of interdependence will engage Hispanics with osteoarthritis and their supporters equally, thus positively influencing each other’s physical activity and providing greater osteoarthritis symptom relief.

Using a factorial experimental design, we will identify the dyadic intervention strategies that are most effective in promoting physical activity among Hispanics with OA and their supporters. Results from this research will determine which components should be retained in a future, larger randomized controlled trial.