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The inaugural Race, Racism, and Racial Equity (R3) Symposium, hosted by the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion, is a series of virtual events that will bring together scholars and researchers from across campus to share their work with Carolina and the broader community.

The first of the R3 series, “The Historical Exploitation of Black and Brown Bodies at UNC: Learning from the Past to Change the Present,” will be held on Thursday, Sept. 10, 1:30–3 p.m.

“This symposium was initially meant to be an annual, stand-alone event. However, the collective thirst for information, discussion and examination of race, racism and racial equity has been so powerful that we have expanded this into a series,” said Gretchen C. Bellamy, Senior Director of Education, Operations and Initiatives in the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

R3 co-convener Allison De Marco, Equity Lead, Jordan Institute for Families, School of Social Work and Advanced Research Scientist, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, added, “Our goal for the R3 symposium was always to feature the important research going on across campus addressing race and racial equity and to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. We plan to continue this idea through a series of virtual events that will both highlight this work and help us all to understand our role in dismantling systems of oppression.”