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Dr. Kim Nichols, associate professor of anesthesiology, is the new Co-Director of Individualization Phase.

Congratulations to Dr. Kim Nichols on her selection from an exceptional applicant pool to the position of Co-Director of Individualization Phase. After completing medical school, residency, and fellowship at UNC, Dr. Nichols practiced anesthesiology in a community private practice setting before returning to UNC SOM in 2011. Drawing upon her experience in private practice and a passion for teaching, Dr. Nichols has excelled in leadership roles in the Department of Anesthesiology and the School of Medicine, where she serves as a Clinical Academic Resource Director and Patient Centered Care tutor. Her direct experience supporting students combined with her skills in innovation, curiosity, and systems thinking prepare her well to co-lead the Individualization Phase. Welcome Dr. Nichols!

Dr. Nichols takes over the role from Dr. Peadar Noone, a celebrated clinician educator within the School of Medicine and the Division of Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Noone is a beloved member of the UNC SOM community since the 1990s, where he has trained countless medical students in the art of the physical exam and clinical reasoning through Patient Centered Care and clinical precepting.

Peadar Noone, MD
Peadar Noone, MD

He has co-led the Individualization Phase since the inception of Translational Education at Carolina. The winner of numerous teaching awards, a testament to his exceptional skill and dedication to students, Dr. Noone will continue in his role as Co-Director of the Transition to Residency course, where he helps prepare graduating students for the rigors of residency. Dr. Noone, we celebrate and thank you!