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Outpatient Adult Oncology team raised $800 as a way to say thank you to MICU and 6 Bedtower staff at UNC Medical Center for all of their hard work during challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

Promoting employee wellness and resilience during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has been a top priority at UNC Medical Center. In an effort to continue the momentum of gratitude, medical staff in the Outpatient Adult Oncology Clinics started an initiative to show their support to colleagues at the Medical Intensive Care Unit and 6 Bedtower, both floors that provide on-going treatment to COVID-positive inpatients.

“On our daily huddle calls, we always discuss staff wellness,” said Stephanie Duncan, Director of Outpatient Oncology Clinical Operations. “On that phone call, one of our Clinical Nurse IV’s, Lee Dagenhart, mentioned that her and Shawanda Lang had been talking about ways to show our thanks to the MICU and 6 Bedtower staff

because we know they’ve been taking care of our inpatient COVID-positive population, and have been doing so for months. We wanted to continue that recognition and support in an effort to promote resilience among our “One Great Team”.”

Through an outpouring of support, the oncology team raised over $800, which was used to buy new coffee pots for their colleagues’ break rooms, gift baskets that included coffee, snacks, beauty and relaxation items, restaurant gift cards for the managers, as well as the morning and night shifts – a touching gesture to say thank you to fellow co-workers for their hard work and dedication during an unprecedented time.

“This has been a very challenging time for everyone, but especially the MICU and 6 West,” said Lee Dagenhart,

Oncology team gives gift baskets to MICU and 6 Bedtower staff.

CNIV, RN, BSN, OCN. “We just wanted to show our support and appreciation for everything they are going through and try to provide a little bit of joy during such trying times. We could not have done any of this without the support of our entire team and I think we have both been blown away by the involvement and generosity from our department.”

“During times of great struggle, I find that looking for ways to help our fellow team members can be one of the greatest rewards of all,” said Shawanda Lang, CNIV, MSN, RN, CMSRN. “It is a wonderful feeling to know the work you do is seen and appreciated, and I hope the staff of 6BT and the MICU feel that from our Outpatient Oncology team. We certainly are stronger together and I am thankful to be part of such an incredible team.”

Goodies and gift baskets were delivered to staff of both day and night shifts in both departments this week.

Written by Brittany Phillips, UNC Health Communications Specialist