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The UNC Health & UNC School of Medicine newsroom is transitioning to a WordPress content management system. This will have immediate implications for the Vital Signs newsletter, which – temporarily – will appear as a text-heavy email with limited images starting October 8.

The UNC Health & UNC School of Medicine Newsroom, the home for all press releases, feature stories, videos, and announcements, is moving to a new content management system as part of the larger UNC School of Medicine transition of ALL of its websites to WordPress. Our new newsroom will be live Monday October 5 and will feature a more modern design and enhanced search functions, making it easier to find news and stories.

This transition will also have an immediate effect on the weekly Vital Signs Newsletter, which currently uses digital tools only available with the current content management system, Plone, which must be replaced.

With help from the School of Medicine IT team, the UNC Health communications team will introduce a new newsletter platform with an improved Vital Signs newsletter. However, this solution will not be ready immediately.

Starting October 8, Vital Signs will appear mostly as an email consisting of text, links to articles, and limited images. We hope to have our new newsletter solution in place later this fall.

Starting Monday October 5, members of the UNC School of Medicine community can send Vital Signs news and event submissions through a tab titled “Submit News/Event” at the top of the newsroom: